Your partner for sourcing, quality management and complete distribution services.

Selling Services

Vendor managed inventories on site at your client
Stock level management
Scheduling & Expediting
Customer Service
Order Entry and filing
Point-of-Use Automated Distribution
Consignment Programs
Exporting and importing customs & logistics support
Packaging & Labelling
Low value consolidations to and from China
Accounts Receivable management
Consulting and assistance for setting up your own operations in China
Catalog and print media translation, proofing and printing

Sourcing Services

Quality Control Plans & Quality Management
Cross dock export
Warehousing and blanket scheduled shipping
Store distribution from bonded warehouse
Export consolidation
Customized promotional items
Customs & Logistics
Vendor Audits and Approvals

Distribution Support

China at your fingertips: Have you have seen erosion of your business due to your long time clients migrating manufacturing production to Asia? Perhaps we can be of service! Our resources on the ground can be your conduit to serve as your access to maintain professional service contact to your clients. The advantage with Regal Group, is that you can maintain total control and set up the relationships however you please!


  1. You manage all aspects and simply use our team for customer service as you wish to help with any combination of these services:
  2. Vendor managed inventories on site at your client
  3. Warehouse support
  4. Customs
  5. Stock level management
  6. Expediting
  7. Customer Service and quality , warehouse support and customs
  8. Order Entry and filing
  9. Automated Distribution (SupplyPro)
  10. Consignment inventories
  11. Souring and exporting and importing in both directions
  12. Quality control
  13. Low value shipments to China
  14. Accounts Receivable holding
  15. Vendor management
  16. Vendor Audits and Approvals to ISO standard or your specifications
  17. Consulting and assistance for setting up your own operations in China
  18. Catalog and print media proofing and printing

Sourcing & Exports

Assistance for your offshore sourcing: If all you want is professional resources on the ground for sourcing operations, we can provide a myriad of options to meet your needs and ensure cost effective management of quality products from China.


  1. Sourcing
  2. Vendor qualifications
  3. Products quality management
  4. Cross dock export
  5. Warehousing and blanket scheduled exporting
  6. Store distribution from bonded warehouse
  7. Export consolidation
  8. Customized promotional items
  9. Catalog and print media proofing and printing

OEM & Parts Manufacturing

VMI Supply: Using the Regal Group Network, we can provide personalized service for your organization, bringing you unparalleled cost effective parts distribution and consistency to Asian and North America markets .
  • How does the Regal Group bring your business value?
  • Global parts support right to your production floor
  • Consolidated invoicing
  • Consignment inventories
  • Souring and exporting
  • Asian Quality control
  • Low value part imports between Asia and North America in both directions.

Our Team

Feel free to contact one of the following people.

Alex Richter

Canada: +1 (416) 605-6014
Shanghai: +86 18616725898 
Skype: alex_kwr


Hans Fuller

Canada: +1 (604) 805 - 1358
Shanghai: +86 13601612748
Skype: hans.fuller


Iris Luo

Canada: +1 (416) 953-3631
Shanghai: +86 13916631954
Skype: regal_iris


Henry Chang

Shanghai: +86 18616711698
Skype: hchgshg